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Amazing Gazebo

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Amazing Gazebo Empty Amazing Gazebo

Post  Svengo42 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:02 pm

I have made these and they are awesome! This tutorial is in Russian so I will translate it (google translate sorry its not perfect).

Урок: как построить беседку с бордюром ~ By AlenaStepRR

Title: Lesson: how to build a gazebo with a border
1. I want to share how you can build here is such a beautiful gazebo with a border. You can make a gazebo as a foundation, and without it. Moreover, we will have two options.
2. So, the first way. First, determine the shape and size of future pergola. I'll take for example a traditional octagonal shape. Construct an appropriate foundation.
3. Above the foundation to build a wall two stories
4. Stepping back from the future gazebo at least three cells, moves down two flights of stairs.
5. Bulldoze most of the lower level.
6. Omit the ground at the bottom of the pit for one little click.
7. Building the foundation, for example 2x2. If the arbor is without foundation, and then it is not necessary to build and erect the walls on the ground.
8. Above the foundation for building a pit wall in two floors.
9. Console output (simultaneously ctrl + shift + C), enter the code constrainfloorelevation false. Using the alignment tool to compare the walls of the pit walls and arbors.
10. Here's what you should have: Wall and semistable. Discard code: also derive console (ctrl + shift + C) and filled constrainfloorelevation true.
11. Now do that for which we all were building - the roof. To the roof to get a neat, do not start with the edge, and stepping on one cell to the center.
12. Obtained this way.
13. Harvesting polustenu. (delete the top wall ~ svengo)
14. Now you need to choose a fence, which will be used as a curb. Through trial and error, I came to the conclusion that we have at our disposal fences for these purposes are best suited these three. This is for my taste. You can certainly experiment. Pergolas with the first two you saw in the first two pictures, so we use our gazebo third.
15. Build on the fence above the wall.
16. Remove the wall.
17. Building a fence at the bottom of the arbor.
18. Throw out the ladder.
19. Again the console output (simultaneously ctrl + shift + c), enter the code moveobjects on. Decorate the gazebo with columns, colors, etc. Qutami. Discard the code is typed in the console moveobjects off.
20. It remains to choose the styles for the foundation, floors, columns and railings. Turned out is such a lovely gazebo for your garden or public park, beach, etc.
A further way to be the second. I want to confess that he was born very recently. Once I did this lesson and showed the first method, I was always tormented by the problem of how to make sure that there are no ugly gap between the columns and frieze. Once I came up with a solution to this problem, decided to supplement a lesson the second method.
21. At this time, without foundation, but the foundation is also possible. Building a wall in one floor.
22. Stepping back from the future gazebo 3.4 cell omit the ground at a very low bid.
23. Construct in the resulting pit a column from the walls.
24. Call the console (both ctrl + shift + c) and enter the code constrainfloorelevation false. Instruments cell alignments of the landscape we lay in the pit wall and the wall of our future pergola. Cancel code (console, constrainfloorelevation true)
25. A bit over a shorter wall build a wall of the second floor. You see, we have the lower wall is slightly lower than the upper. Next back to the beginning of the lesson, and from this place are doing everything exactly as the first method.
26. I. .. This is what we have. You see, between the columns and frieze is no gap. Moreover, the construction of pavilions in this way it becomes possible to use other types of fences. That's it. If I have new ideas, be sure to share with you. Good luck.

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