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Flowers for your Garden

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Flowers for your Garden Empty Flowers for your Garden

Post  Svengo42 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:20 pm

Another wonderful tutorial from Russia. Google Translation below

Урок: Цветы в саду. ~ By AlenaStepRR

Title: Lesson: Flowers in the garden.
1. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can vary the location of flowers in your garden. First - it is vases with roses, as the cover story. They will look very beautiful and pleasing to the eye along the tracks, terraces, just on the lawn.
2. First, we pondobitsya one of those coasters (pick out some display stands ~ svengo)
3. Secondly - one of those vases.
4. Well, of course, roses.
5. Outline the exact spot where the pot and will be omitted in this place two flights of stairs.
6. At the bottom of the pit omit the ground for one little click.
7. Put on the bottom of the pit pillar just in the cell, where it will be pot with flowers.
8. Over the column formed cells. Derive the console by pressing ctrl + shift + C and filled his code moveobjects on. The cells directly in the center column put a rose bush. and.
9. Remove the column and bulldoze. Rosebush hangs in our air.
10. Under it, we substitute a stand with a vase. Op-na! Repaint the base and the bowl and .... Our girl, in my opinion, this structure is very like
11. And this, too. Call the console (ctrl + shift + C) and repeals the code moveobjects off.
12. By the same token we could have done such creeping roses.
13. Put the column directly on the flat land and planting on her rose bush. Then drop the column into a small hole and plant a new rose. Do not forget that it's all done with the code moveobjects on.
14. Sdes must ensure that lower roses rested on the top. Sticking out of trunks should not be seen.
15. Omitting the column lower and lower, we are gradually creating just such a mountain of roses. It can be made ​​of any form and send to wherever we want.
16. We reach the ground, cancel the code (moveobjects off). Everything. And that's our girl happy contented in all colors. I wish you and same to you!

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