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Creating World Boundaries Without Using Distant Terrain

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Creating World Boundaries Without Using Distant Terrain

Post  Gouka on Mon May 09, 2011 12:35 am

I just found out why my world boundaries (the ocean behind my world that shouldn't be visible because it's not an island) are still viewable in the exported world and how to fix it.

So, I knew that the distant terrain available in CAW is made to work with the largest maps and doesn't really look good with smaller ones (although I find the Terrain Distant South to be passable). And I knew that world boundaries can be created by sculpting your own mountains around the edge of the world and then painting them with camera non-routable paint (with a layer of sim non-routable paint within that so that your sims don't try to walk where you can't see). I had done this in my world, but when I exported it and viewed it in a live game (since EIG doesn't show it properly anyway), I could still see all of the water behind my world and mountains... and it's not an island!

Turns out, you need to paint about 2 chunks around the border with camera non-routable paint to really keep the camera from being able to see there, I'm assuming because it goes to the edge of the paint with the center of your screen so the edges get to see past it. Btw, you can view the chunks of the world by selecting View > Show Chunk Boundaries.

Since I'm only using a small (or is it medium? *shrugs*) size world, I don't really have 2 chunks of free space to give to the paint. I did some experimenting, and I can get away with 1.5 chunks painted around the edges I really don't want people to see past and then using some creative sculpting around the edges where I can't give up that much space. I don't think less than 1 chunk of camera non-routing paint would be effective.

I hope this helps someone figure out why they can still see ocean that they've painted non-visible. And when starting a world, it might be good to mark off where the 2 chunk boundary line is so that nothing gets placed there.

Here's the link to the thread that finally helped me solve this problem. I don't think it's an often-discussed issue as I had to search for about 30 mins or more before finding this solution.

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