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Prince Davut

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Post  Svengo42 on Mon May 09, 2011 4:39 pm

Whisp told me to post this here, so I hope you guys enjoy this story I wrote for godshelpio's and SammieD's first fairytale contest

*takes another deep breath* Enjoy:


Once upon a time. This is how all fairy tales start. However this
is not a very fair tale. It is in fact the beginning of a sad tale.

There once was a King and Queen who ruled their land very kindly
and fairly. And more than anything they wanted to conceive a child. They
tried so hard, but no matter how hard they tried, they were very
unsuccessful. They turned to many many doctors looking for a solution,
but none of them were able to help. Many remedies were created and all
of them failed. They could not understand where the problem lied.

Until one night a woman had come to the castle. She was a very
strange and mysterious woman and did not speak many words, nor did she
wish to reveal her name. When asked where she was from, the woman said
she was from far away and had heard of the King and Queens problem and
wished to help. Out of options and desperate for anything, they took the
woman into their home and allowed her to try. She created a potion for
the Queen to drink. This potion would grant the Queen the ability to
have a baby. She explained to them what they would have to do after she
drank the potion. She also told them that with this potion their child
would be a very special child. But she warned them. She said that if the
Queen were to drink this potion that it would be their one and only
chance at ever having a child, and that a decision had to be made before
the rising sun. Then she took the Queen aside and whispered to her
words. She told the Queen this "This potion is a cure to your problem.
When you drink this, this that troubles you will be gone. You will have
one chance at creating that which is what you want. Your child will
become a great human being because of this potion. But everything comes
with a warning and a price. Your warning is this: You must drink the
potion tonite, before the sun has fully risen in the morning sky. If you
fail to do so, you will never again be given this chance, or the chance
at bearing a child. And the price one must pay, by drinking this potion
you will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. As your child grows into
their ages, you will lose yours. So know that with this comes an
ultimate sacrifice. Your love for your life." The Queen look taken back,
but she understood what it would mean for her in the end.

The King and Queen discussed privately every possible and probable
aspect of what this potion would mean for them. However the Queen left
out the part about the price she would pay for drinking it. She felt
guilty for such, but so badly wanted to have an heir and a child of
their own, and knew of no other options. And after much discussion they
had decided that this was indeed their only option. When they went to
the woman to tell her of their plans, she was gone. Vanished without a
trace. Nobody had even seen her leave. They ordered the guards to search
the castle, but nobody could find her. But she had left behind a
present. On the chair of the Queens throne sat the potion. The potion
that would indeed change the kingdom forever.

The Queen took the potion in her hands and was ready to drink it.
The King, who was now very upset that the woman had just left them, told
her not to. His opinion had changed of this solution. He did not like
the idea of a strange woman coming from a place she would not name and
then leaving so quickly. The two of them argued over the potion. The
King, as desperate as he was to have a child, did not trust the woman
anymore and wanted the potion destroyed. The Queen, however, felt that
this was truly her only chance.

After much argument, the King stormed off, leaving the Queen in
tears. They had never argued before. Ever. She wept because she, too,
was ever so desperate for a child. She clutched the potion in her hands
and ran to the balcony outside of the throne room. As the sky began to
turn from a deep black to purple to red, the Queen stared at the potion
in her hands. To her, this was her last chance at ever conceiving a
child. She wiped away her tears and looked up at the sky. As the sun
began to approach the words came back to her mind "You must drink the
potion tonite, before the sun has fully risen in the morning sky. If you
fail to do so, you will never again be given this chance, or the chance
at bearing a child." She looked to the sky and watched as the colours
were changing into the morning that was coming. Taking a deep breath she
opened the bottle and placed it to her lips. She shut her eyes and
consumed the potion. As the last drop rolled down her tongue and throat,
the sun appeared over the horizon. She opened her eyes and lowered the
bottle. She could feel magic inside of her, She could feel it flowing
though her blood. And then everything went dark.

When she awoke she was laying in her bed. The King and several
other attendants were in the room with her. He has his hands on hers and
his face looked troubled and sad. She turned to him and smiled. When he
saw her eyes were opened he returned the smile. He apologized for
upsetting her and told her he had over reacted. He said he was not upset
with her and glad that she had made the choice to drink it. They kissed
and so truly begins our story.

Once Upon A Time

Prince Davut Davut01

One day our little Prince, Prince Davut Watercrest was walking
though the woods. His parents, King Garett and Queen Arabella had
decided that, due to Davut's ever love for adventures, they would take
him to the woods where they once met. But of course only to the safest
area. They had a wonderful picnic and the King and Queen laid down and
reminisced. As they lay, the young Prince asked if it was okay for him
to explore. For one day, when he was king, he decided he would love to
travel the whole world meeting new people. The Queen looked worried at
the idea of the Prince wandering off on his own, but the King said that
there had not been a problem with wolves in the area in many many years.
He told his son not to wander far. The Prince happily agreed and
strolled off while his parents lay together.

Prince Davut Davut02

Prince Davut wandered down the path that was close to where his
parents were. He wanted to badly to see where it lead to. As he traveled
along, he enjoyed the forests many colours. He decided to take off into
a small sprint. Davut was a good kid and did not want to keep his
parents waiting too long for him, so he knew he had to keep his
adventuring short. He came across a small pond and sat down to rest. As
he rested he could hear a strange noise off in the distance. It sounded
like someone was smashing rocks together. Curiosity always gets the best
of us, and on this beautiful day, it got the best of Davut. He got up
and listened for where the noise would be coming from. As he turned his
head, he noticed there was an even smaller, worn path, hidden behind
some rocks and trees.

'This must be where the noise is coming from.' He thought to
himself. He got up and made his mind up. He would explore this new path.
Who knows, maybe nobody has ever been down it before. Maybe he would
find some treasure, or a dragon to fight. He got excited and took off
running towards the noise. But by the time he had gotten close enough to
pin point it, the forest was silent. He turned down the path and
noticed the trees were now all perfectly trimmed. He could feel magic in
the air, and a sensation of something about this place being important
washed over him.

Prince Davut Davut03

When he reached the end of this path, there was a large clearing.
There were rocks that surrounded this clearing in some kind of strange,
perfect circle. He felt drawn to this circle. He walked, without
caution, into the circle. He walked from stone to stone looking at the
intricate shape of each one. They had to be important. He noticed a fire
pit in the center. Suddenly he felt like he was being watched. He
turned his head towards the stones, but could not see who was looking at

Prince Davut Davut04

Suddenly there she was. She came out from between some rocks. He
looked at her with awe and mystery. She fascinated him and for some
reason, he could not turn his head from her. Davut felt a familiarity
mixed with the mystery in the woman he just met.

"Boy," The woman said in a kind, yet stern voice. "Where do you
come from?" He looked at her with awe. Even if he didnt want to answer
her, something about her took control of him.

Prince Davut Davut05

"I am from the castle." He spoke without hesitation.

"And, what is it you do at the castle." The womans voice rose a little with curiosity.

"Why!" Davut stuck his chest out a little in pride. "I am Prince
Davut, son of King Garett and Queen Arabella. And who, fair maiden,
might you be." She looked at him with a smile.

Prince Davut Davut09

"I, my dearest Prince, am known as Andolina Eilers." She kept a
strange smile on her face as she looked at him. Suddenly the Prince felt
uncomfortable. He shivered a little. They stared at each other and he
could feel the magic in the air growing stronger. It felt like an
eternity had passed. There was no noises in the air, not even the forest
animals were around. There was something about her look that made his
mind grow fuzzier and fuzzier. He suddenly felt tired and he felt as
though his memories were fading away from him. He tried to raise his
hand to his head, he tried to shake away the feeling. But he was
paralyzed. He could not move. The woman...who was this woman? He couldnt
remember. He didnt even know where he was. Or who he was for that

Prince Davut Davut06

"Felix, my child." A voice in his head spoke with a sing-song like
voice. 'Where have you been playing today? You know that these grounds
are off limits to you. I am sure your father will not punish you for
your adventuring ways and curious mind.' It was the woman standing in
front of him. Her voice was in his head. 'We will stay for the rest of
the day.' The voice continued. 'Then tonite, your father and I will
bring you back home to the village. Everyone has been so worried about

"Yes mother." Davut spoke. "I am sorry for wandering away, but at
night this is the best place to gaze at the universe's sky." He frowned.

Prince Davut Davut07

"My dear child. It is okay to want to know more about the sky and
all of its amazing secrets, but you musnt wander off on your own. Never.
For the world around us is a dangerous place and there are a lot of bad
people who would hurt you if they found you." She spoke out loud now.

He still felt dreamy as he began to recognize the woman in front of
him. This was his mother. When she said his name, he felt as though it
was wrong and right at the same time. 'Felix.' He thought to himself.
Suddenly he felt as though there was someone else near them. Father
perhaps? He looked past mother and there he stood, strong and tall. He
was listening to them talk from behind Andolina. Felix could not tell if
his father was angry or not.

The man behind the rocks stepped out and approached Andolina. He looked over at his son then back to his wife.

Prince Davut Davut08

"My darling, we need to get down to the sacred slumber. This sun is
taking its toll on us. " His voice was deep and strong, with a hint of

Prince Davut Davut10

Prince Davut Davut11

"Oh my sweet Onimus, our son here has apologize for his error. He
has hopefully learned his lesson and will never venture away alone ever
again." Onimus turned towards Felix and smiled.

"Come now my family, let us retire until the night has fallen. Then
we shall regroup with the rest and celebrate the return of our young
boy." He took his wife by the arm and place the other over his sons
shoulder. He led them behind the rocks to a secret staircase. Down they
went to rest until nite fall.

"Oh Garett! Please wake up!" Queen Arabella shook her husband
vigorously. He mumbled and opened his eyes. The look on her face showed
something was seriously wrong. King Garett sat up quickly and was wide

"Oh my Queen! What is wrong?" She looked on the verge of tears.

"It is Davut! He is gone!" The Queen choked out before the tears
began to flow from her beautiful brown eyes. The King took her in his
arms for a quick comforting embrace then jumped to his feet. He scanned
the surrounding area looking for any signs.

"DAVUT! DAVUT! WHERE ARE YOU!" He called out, trying not to sound so panicked.

"Oh my King, I have already tried to call for him. I also searched
everywhere I could. There were no signs of him being anywhere! You...You
dont think..." She sobbed again and he knelt down next to her.

"I will call upon the guards to search this entire forest and the
surrounding towns. We will find him." He hugged her tightly as she cried
into his shoulder.

For the rest of the day and all into the night the guards went door
to door asking questions and searching homes. But there were no signs
of the young Prince. Those guards who searched the forest came up empty
handed. The foliage was too thick in some parts and there were areas in
which the guards said looked like no human being had ever even explored
before. They did not believe that the young prince would be unwise
enough to go towards the sounds of the wolves they heard whilst on their
hunt. As the guards knew they were not unwise enough to go towards the

And so ends this chapter of our fairy tale. To be continue...(?)

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