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Wishacy Legacy Rules

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Wishacy Legacy Rules Empty Wishacy Legacy Rules

Post  Whisperingtruth on Mon May 09, 2011 9:13 pm

Challenge created by Buckeygirl80

"Intro and Rules (OFFICIAL)
Well hello there… I’ve decided to try my hand at a legacy. I’ve played the traditional legacy with rules and points and what-not, and I’ve played un-official legacy type challenges and games too, but I’ve wanted to make my own challenge, and have had an idea or two rolling around in my noggin for my own type of legacy challenge. 

My challenge is what I like to call an "All My Wishes" Legacy, but which was more simply nicknamed a "Wishacy". I have been experimenting with it, playing my own Wishacy with the Song family, and now that I'm almost halfway through it, and others who have joined me in playing it have played through it too, I'm proud to say I have a set of official rules below!

The idea is that the legacy is led by your founder, or heir/heiress, and that there is very little you can choose for your simmy in charge, you must do what their wishes/opportunities tell you to do.
The Official Rules:

You must of course, complete this challenge without changing active households. Any action that erases the wishes promised to your legacy family is a big no-no!
Your founder can be anyone as long as they are a young adult.   You may play on whichever life-span you like!
You can live in a pre-made house, or start on an empty lot, that is up to you. If you are playing a pre-made household that has a lot of money to start with, that’s ok too. It's fun to see the effects of playing rich/poor in this type of challenge anyways!
Having a family trait to pass on to future generations is optional, but I highly suggest making “family-oriented” the family trait for this challenge. Why? Because then you will have a better chance of your sim rolling wishes for children, and you have to have at least one child to carry on the challenge… I’ll explain more about that later.
As soon as you start game play, start locking in those wishes. Wishes are the foundation of this legacy challenge. You can only ‘help’ your simmies with fulfilling wishes. You can’t decide for them who they will marry, when they will have kids, even what kind of career they will have. They must roll a want/wish for that action before you may direct your sim to do so.
Must play with ‘High’ free-will setting.
You may only direct your sim to fill a need if that need has a negative moodlet relating to it. (hungry, smelly, stressed, has to pee, lonely, tired)
The only daily action you may direct them to do without needing a wish is going to work/school. While on the job, you may choose any 'tone' you like for them to work under while they are there. If you have Ambitions, while on the job, you may direct your sims to do whatever they need to to work for the day. But socially interacting with clients on the job can only be done if they wish for it.
You may only help your Sim skill in areas that they roll wishes to, or are directly related to their job/career. No other skilling is allowed.
You may not marry/move in/ any sim unless your sim wishes to do so.  If you want your sim to have other ‘romantic’ interactions with a sim, you must let them do it of their free will. The only exception being if they roll a wish to “massage sim x” then naturally you would have to make them ‘flirt’ ‘kiss’ etc to get them to the point where they are offered to massage sim x. That kind of direction is allowed.
You may not have any children, or adopt any children unless it’s a promised wish of your sim.  This game really is lead by your sim, and if they don’t wish for one, you can’t have one! Adoption is completely acceptable in this challenge, and an adopted child can be an heir/heiress. (See how the ‘family-oriented’ trait will come in handy here?) There is one rule that will help here if you are in danger of failing your Wishacy and need to have offspring. That would be the next rule:
Sometimes your sim may need a little help in bringing in the next generation. Thus, the 'try for baby' substitute rule was born. Basically, it works like this: You may substitute the 'try for baby' woohoo for regular 'woohoo' if your sim has already woo-hooed with that sim once before, and they've rolled another wish to woohoo with that sim. So, to use "Try for Baby" with a sim without a wish for it, your sim must have already had woohoo with that sim before, and roll a wish for 'woohoo' with that sim.   
Traits: As far as traits go, you may choose traits for your sim, or if you really want to make it challenging, you can randomize them. This goes for the Heir/Heiress, their children, or anyone else in the active household. You may also use your Life Time Reward that allows you to change traits if you need to.
 Broken Objects- If something breaks in the house, you can not fix it unless your sim rolls a wish to, or autonomously starts repairing it. If they don't roll a wish to fix it, the only other option you have is to replace the object with a new one. This will cost more money, of course, but you can decide if it's worth it to have a working object or not.
BILLS/MAIL- Paying the bills and getting mail from the mailbox are FREE interactions that you can make your sims do at any time. This includes getting the mail, sending off gems, any type of interaction with the mailbox (but not cheats, of course)
Canceling wishes- you may only cancel a wish if you have already promised 4 wishes, and the wish that they roll is worth more lifetime happiness points than one of the 4 previously promised wishes.  EXCEPTION: You may cancel any wish promised that is impossible to fill. Say, to move in with someone they already live with, or to rub a sim’s belly that is no longer pregnant.
Opportunities- these are similar to wishes, but you will have a little more freedom in choosing to accept them. You may deny opportunities, but only 2 times in a row. After that you must accept the next one. So, say you get one opportunity, and you deny it. Then another one pops up and you don’t want that one either so you deny it. You MUST accept the next one that comes along. Accepted Opportunities can be treated like wishes. You may direct them to the necessary steps to complete the opportunity.
Being asked to move in can be considered an opportunity like any other opportunity, and is optional for you to accept or deny it. That is up to you.
Lifetime Rewards- The lifetime points you collect are your reward for a great job at fulfilling your sim's wishes, therefore, you can spend them whenever you want, however you want. After all, you earned them fair and square! (I hope)
NO cheats. Especially money, motives, etc. That’s part of what makes this a “challenge”, duh…. If it’s a cheat that doesn’t affect game play and wouldn’t ruin the spirit of the challenge, then it’s ok.
You may choose an heir/heiress in any way you like. You may not let an heir/heiress take over until the current founder or generation's heir has fulfilled their Lifetime Wish. Once the LTW has been fulfilled, the previous heir or founder is no longer the focus, and the game play shifts to the new heir. You now work to fulfill the heir/heiress' wishes. If you want to wait until some of the children have aged to an older age before you pick your heir, that's fine, but you can't switch to a new heir BEFORE the current heir's Lifetime Wish is fulfilled.
Other members of the household (this includes previous heirs/founders who are no longer the current heir): The same ‘wishes’ rule applies to them, meaning you may not direct them to do something unless they wish for it. Their needs must be in the orange for you to be able to intervene. Notice I said the 'need' bar, not the overall happiness bar. You may intervene as soon as a particular  'need' itself is orange colored. Opportunities are completely optional for the other members of the household, and you are not required to fulfill any of their wishes. You just may not direct them to do anything besides what their wishes dictate. If you choose to fulfill a wish of a member of the household other than your founder/heir, it shouldn't interfere with a wish for the founder/heir. The focus of the challenge is on them, and their wishes have priority over others in the household.
Baby/Toddler care: For little ones, obviously they can't fulfill their own needs. When the baby/toddler's need is giving them a negative moodlet you may direct an older sim to take care of their needs. The thing you can't direct a sim to do unless they have a wish for it is teaching toddler skills. Usually family oriented sims will do this autonomously as well, and of course that's allowed. 
  For spares, you may move them out when they reach young adult if you would like to. This is the only thing you may decide for them without them rolling wishes. You can kick them out or move them into a house of your choice, but remember, no money cheats!
Anything that your simmies do autonomously doesn’t count against you, and doesn’t count as you directing them. If they choose it for themselves, they are allowed to keep doing it! The only way you may interfere with their free will is if you are directing them to do something that fulfills a wish or opportunity, or takes care of a need that is in the yellow/orange. 
 House Decorating: I've decided that this is the one thing that I will leave off limits for the rules. You can change, decorate, spend as much money on your house as you want as the generations go by. I think it will be challenging enough as it is without including house upgrades, etc....which means that:  
  You do not have to stick to one lot/house the entire challenge length. You may move to a different lot/house if you like. 

Also, clothing and makeovers are free game, meaning you may change your sim's hair/wardrobe anytime you like without needing a wish for it. With some sims, they will wish for a makeover, which is great, but you don't have to wait for a wish to do so.
If you find yourself at any store which brings up a buy menu, (bookstore, consignment store) You may use that opportunity to buy anything that store has to offer. So, if your sim rolls a wish to buy an apple, when you go to the supermarket to buy one, you may also buy anything else the store offers, like a birthday cake, candles, rubber ducky, other foods, etc.  
Collecting/Selling: I have thought long and hard about how bug/rock collecting and selling should be included in this challenge. The problem I have is that collecting is something that sims wish for, selling them in a particular way is something that they do not. So, for this particular challenge, You can't donate items to science unless the sims roll a wish to do it. So, it may very well be that in this particular challenge, donating may get left behind. Now, if you can figure out a way to do so and it's wish-fulfilling, by all means, go ahead! Another great option, if a sim wishes to buy something worth X amount of simoleons, take them to the consignment store, and try to sell your rocks there?! (if you need to free up space, you could always use the loophole of selling things through the back pack tab)
Collecting Money from Businesses owned: This is also sims do not usually/rarely wish for. In order to collect, you will need to come up with some creative wish-fulfilling to fix it. Example: if sim wishes to go shopping, you could take them to collect at the bookstore, if they wish to have a night on the town, if they wish to go outside, wishes of this nature. Or, if they wish to have X amount of simoleons in the family fund, collecting that money would be part of fulfilling that wish.
Other Notes:

  OPTIONAL RULE: You may direct 1, and only one non-wish related social interaction per conversation, per sim, per day. A conversation counts as uninterrupted back and forth interactions with one sim. If something happens and they stop talking to each other, either to go do something else (bathroom) or talk to someone else, that conversation is over.  If you want to direct your sim in a social interaction with that particular sim, you will have to wait until  the next day. (I would use this rule sparingly, only if you get stuck or really need the help to keep the challenge going.)

REWARD!!! Been busting your butt fulfilling wishes for your simmy, and wanna little help? Well, this reward is for you!
Once you have reached 50,000 total reward points (found by hovering mouse over the treasure chest on the LTR menu) you are rewarded with 1FREE DAY with your heir/heiress/founder! Meaning, for 1-24hour period (sim hours, not real life hours), you are free to pursue whatever you want with your sim for the day! You may only use your free day one time, and only after you've acquired 50,000 overall points.
This wouldn't mean that you couldn't use your LTR points as you earn them, as the little treasure chest keeps track of your over all points in their lifespan. So, you could still use rewards, without it affecting reaching your 50,000 points. IF YOU ARE PLAYING ON LONG LIFE SPAN, YOU WILL NEED TO REACH 100,000 POINTS INSTEAD OF 50,000.
This is a one time offer! Use your day wisely!

Helpful Hints:
**There are ways to be creative in wish-fulfilling that can mix things up a bit for you. For instance, say your sim rolls a wish to write a book. Instead of writing it at home, you can have them write the book at the library, because directing them to the library IS a way of fulfilling that wish. So, they may not have wished to go to the library, but because it indirectly fulfills a wish, sending them there to write the book is perfectly legit!

**If you’d like to provide your sim with better choices for who to marry, you can always populate your town with sims that you’ve made. But do this without changing active households.

There are some traits that may make this challenge a little easier... especially when it comes to making friends and socializing! Some you might want to consider other than the Family Oriented trait are: Charismatic, Friendly, Flirty, Hopeless Romantic, or Party Animal. You may want to include one or more of these traits as well!

One more thing, if you choose to share your adventures in a blog/story telling place, mention at the beginning what settings you are playing with, life-span, starting money, etc... so everyone knows where you are at and how challenging the game will be for you!

This legacy lasts 7 generations. I don’t feel like points make this game any fun, so I’m not including any, but if you enjoy points, and want to make a point system for my challenge I say go for it!



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