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This forum does not disallow it, but occasionally, such things get out of hand. • Do not talk about drugs, or illegal activities, this will result in a permanent ban • Saying you are going to have a drink after a long day is fine, but talking about getting wasted and having drunken parties is not appropriate. Membership 1. Have an appropriate Avatar Come on everyone. We all know what is appropriate and what isnt. Imagination is key so please do not steal others avatars. 2. Membership Ranking When your account is first approved and you have less then 20 posts, you will have the ranking status of SimsRelations Newbie Sim. When you hit 20 posts you will the be moved up to SimsRelations Member Sim. The rankings do not have any difference in privleges. They are just so that members are aware of new people and can help the new members feel welcome. 3. Only ONE membership account per person Having more then one account here on the forums is not allowed. Those caught having more then one account will have both accounts deleted and will be blocked from the site. If any attempts are made to make a second account it will not be approved and a warning will be given. THREAD CREATION/MAINTAINING 1. Post your threads in the appropriate categories. Think about where your thread best fits in the forum before posting. Make sure to use the correct sub-forum and check to see if your thread has already been made in the past because duplicates (or very similar topics) will be removed without question. Nobody will kick you if you get it wrong, but it saves your thread from being overlooked or removed. 2. Make the First Post clear and complete If you're going to start a topic, back it up with any background information that should be known regarding the topic in question. Don't assume that everyone knows what you're talking about. Please write in a clear concise manner using English. Do NOT write in all texting lingo, slang, etc. You probably want us to understand it so using proper spelling, good grammar, punctuation, and capitals correctly is a great idea. Typos happen, but full paragraphs of misspelled words with no punctuation are difficult to read and won’t be taken seriously (if anyone bothers to read them). 3. Bumping You may bump your thread up to 1 time a week, any more than this will result in your thread being deleted. This is to allow people who may have missed your post to see it. However, bumping constantly is not necessary, if it's good/interesting, people will respond. 4. Initiate the discussion in the First Post The importance of the first post can't be stressed enough. If you're going to start a discussion, make sure to participate in it by giving your opinions as well. It's basic forum courtesy to open a topic by sharing your own views regarding the topic at hand. 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Always check for Existing Threads Don't start a thread without having first checked the forums for the same existing thread(s). You can use the search tool bar to find threads with matching keywords. If your topic is a duplicate, it will be deleted. 8. Offer content Remember that your post is supposed to be read by someone. Don't just post saying 'What’s up', or things similar that others cannot contribute to. It's not a personal space for you to do whatever you want, but an interactive board. The only place you can discuss random things about yourself, is in the “Today” forum and that’s for you to talk about your day with others, remember to follow all the other rules that applies to posting though. POSTING Follow these rules for posting or your thread/post will be deleted 1. Stay on topic. Each thread is made for a purpose, and so its best to keep to that purpose. Yes, things do veer from the first post on a regular basis, but if it’s veering to far from the original topic feel free to start a new topic. It’s easy. But make sure your new topic goes in the correct forum. 2. Do not quote an entire post w/ pics You may quote a post as long as it doesn’t include more then 1 picture. When you quote someone’s entire post with all the screenshots they post it makes the thread look disorganized. 3. Please proofread before posting. This is more of a guideline than a strict rule but if it’s important enough for you to post you probably want us to understand it so using proper spelling, good grammar, punctuation, and capitals correctly is a great idea. Typos happen, but full paragraphs of misspelled words with no punctuation are difficult to read and won’t be taken seriously (if anyone bothers to read them). 4. Do not spam for rank move up or you will be removed: Yes, we understand that posts move you up to being considered a regular member. No, we do not appreciate you spamming to get moved up. You will be banned if you do this. Your posts must be legitimate. 5. Do NOT post chainletters/random messages, etc Any message that tells you to send the same message to other people or else something bad will happen, are fake. If you happen to see messages like these, please mark them as 'SPAM', and a moderator will delete it. 6. Picture Posting Limit - 2 (unless it is in the contest or share your creation forum, and make sure to read the limit on those forums) Please refrain from posting more then 2 pictures in a post. Space is limited as the forums are new, and having a bunch of pictures in one post can cause a thread to be overwhelming. This does not mean you can double or triple post right after wards with 2 more images per post. If you must put a lot of images in a post, try linking to the url to a slideshow or online photo album. (See Picture Tutorials Section for more info on how to do this) 7. Do not Double-Post When you make a post immediately after your last post, this is called Double Posting. If you post three times in a row, that's Triple posting. Post any more than that, it's Spamming. You can use the edit button found on the upper right-hand corner of your last post to add on any additional comments you'd like to add, instead of posting again. POSTING LINKS Only post links if they are appropriate Please use common sense with links. The following are disallowed. Links to sites (commercial OR personal) that have: 1. Pornographic, racist or illegal materials 2. Profit sites or referral link games. These are sites that earn the poster a profit/commission or sites that give points for incoming links. 3. Links to sites that host potentially illegal content. This would include direct downloads and streaming sites that have videos and music that were uploaded without consent of the copyright holders. 4. Any form of advertising. Unless it is a link to your blog in the blog section, or a link in your signature to you blog, sims 3 homepage, or sims 3 wishlist. You may post links to sites you like in the proper forums, just as long as you genuinely endorse it and don't post it multiple times. Banning System Rules are meant to be followed and if these are not followed there will be bans and eventually deletions. Read them carefully and all the way though. I am sure you‘ve heard a lot of these before on other forums, but to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you read them again. PERMANENT-BANNING: These are things that will be instant banning for posting once: 1. DO NOT post anything pornographic or anything that displays nudity. This will not be tolerated here. If you're unsure, don't post it. This includes avatars/posts/signatures or anywhere else on the site. If something is obvious full porn it will be deleted and the user will be banned. This also applies for child pornography. 2. DO NOT post anything racist. Racism will not be tolerated on the forum. We are all different and nothing is going to change. Racism will be banned. 3. DO NOT post any animal cruelty or the torture of animals anywhere on the site. This will be instant banning. 4.DO NOT make any threats towards any other members or post personal information for the purpose of harassment. ONE WARNING: These actions will be one time warnings followed by banning 1. DO NOT make any threats towards any other members or post personal information for the purpose of harassment. Harassment is not acceptable. Harassment will get one warning and if it continues you will be permanently banned 2. DO NOT use any type of automated tools on this site. That would include any BOT or program designed to steal or leech pictures, videos, or text from this site. The site has measures to detect and ban this type of activity. 3. DO NOT post chain letters. They are fake anyways. If you happen to see messages like these, please mark them as 'SPAM', and an administrator will delete it. If you post them, one time warning followed by a banning.