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Teacher Sims

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Teacher Sims Empty Teacher Sims

Post  Whisperingtruth on Sat May 14, 2011 2:37 pm

These were the entries in the Teacher Contest...and now they are here for you to download! Very Happy

The winner's are marked for you in color at the top of their post. But make sure to look at all the sims, as they are all great.

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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  anettesb on Tue May 17, 2011 3:15 pm

3rd Place Winner

Creator's name: Anettesb
Sim's Name: Susanne Helgelsen
Sim's Traits:
Good Sense of Humor, Artistic, Perfectionist, Photographer's Eye and Loves the Outdoors

Sim's Favorites: Blue, pancakes, Soul

Susanne is based on the art teacher I had when I was 17 and went to a boarding school for 1 year, something special for Denmark (don’t know other countries that have it) called Efterskole.

She would spot a picture that didn’t' hung straight, she did that on long distance (almost with her back to it) even if it was only a few millimeters. She made every lesson fun, and got us to do the best we could, and then some more without us feeling pressured. I also had her in English, and that was defiantly not my strong subject, I had always kind of hated it, but she made me like English.

Susanne is one of the role models I have as a teacher and artist.

If this sim (and the real Susanne) could choose, she would be outside working on her art all the time, well unless she was having a slumber movie evening. Yes Susanne did this with us as students when she had the weekend shift, so fun, first moving all the furniture in the living room, then getting the television from a classroom in and the big madras’s from gym (carrying them half a floor up and true 2 halls + the tiny library). Lastly getting stocked up with candy, chips and soda (well knowing Susanne would nearly kill us if asking to go get some at our small store. during the movie) Then we would watched like 3 movies or more that evening, we would often start out in the middle of the afternoon when she arrived, just taking a break to eat dinner. She allmost allways forgot about time so we stayed up really late, and she relly liked scary movies (well not that scary I liked them) But then she was too scared to walk her night round to check on us when we was send to bed, so one of us walked with her Laughing

Oh just an other note, I don’t think I ever saw her with her hair down, always up and away, well not counting our overnight study trip. Neither did I see any makeup, and I didn’t see her put any on on our trip.

LTW: Visionary
Download Link:


Teacher Sims 6i90d0

Teacher Sims X0oebp

Teacher Sims 11jvtvt

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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  pegasas1993 on Tue May 17, 2011 4:02 pm

Creator's name: pegasas1993
Sim's Name: Ronald Calvin
Sim's Traits: Charismatic, Genius, Family-Oriented, Hot-Headed, Dramatic
Sim's Favorites: Irish Green | Kids
Description: "Ronald Calvin dedicated his life to school and children in it. He dreams about being one of the best teachers around the whole school, however, he does not want to be the best teacher because it is not like him. Ronald is really interesting person, so children and their parents love hanging out with him. Actually, he may become the everyone's best friend one day. It would be great? Would not be?"
Download Link:

Teacher Sims 45776251

Teacher Sims Screenshot2ts

Teacher Sims 81586792

Teacher Sims 81586792

Teacher Sims 63385234

Teacher Sims 13859685

Teacher Sims 19817014

Teacher Sims 43091810

Teacher Sims 15791088

Teacher Sims 93065851

Teacher Sims 97346962

Teacher Sims 60391986

Teacher Sims 68936222

Teacher Sims 37543994

Teacher Sims 56572354


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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  Bloo on Thu May 19, 2011 11:22 am

1st Place Winner

Name: Shawn Ellis (Adult)

Teacher Sims Screenshot-241

Traits: Athletic, Good Sense of Humor, Charismatic, Computer Whiz, Handy
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Faves: Black, Indie, Cheesesteak
Sign: Libra

Interview transcript:

*Shawn enters the office, he looks handsome, but a little scruffy around the edges. He has an easy confidence and a charming smile, as well as a firm handshake*

Shawn: Hi, I'm Shawn Ellis, pleasure to meet you!

Interviewer: Welcome, Mr. Ellis! I'm glad you were able to make it here today. Let's go ahead and get straight to business, shall we? Tell me a little about your qualifications.

Shawn: Sure, sure! Well, I was a straight A student all throughout my school career. I also participated in several team sports during high school. After school I travelled the world for a few years, funding the trip by picking up odd jobs in the places I visited. I'd do anything from yard work to construction to fixing computers! It was a lot of fun, but it really helped me learn how to work with different types of people while honing my skills in technical fields. When I came back home I wanted to share my experience with other students, but at the time there were no openings for new teachers. Even so, I went ahead and got my teaching certification and found a job in IT for the city. I currently coach the youth lacrosse team in my spare time.

Interviewer: That is an impressive story Mr. Ellis-

Shawn: Please, call me Shawn. *he gives an ice-melting grin*

Interviewer: Shawn. *She nods and smiles at him* Does your experience mean that you would be willing to assisst in coaching the school's sports teams?

Shawn: Oh, of course! I'd even teach PE instead of Computer Science or Wood Shop if that's what you needed from me. All I want is to help these kids learn valuable life skills. I think I am the type of guy they will not only look up to, but also feel comfortable coming to me with questions and concerns. They, and you, need to know that I'm a trustworthy guy. I will always do my best to keep the kids educated, and safe!

Interviewer: *looking impressed* What would you say your weakness is?

Shawn: Brunettes that can make a mean cheesesteak and like early morning jogs. *Shawn grins, the interviewer chuckles* Seriously, though, I can't cook, and I'm not really artistic. I don't knw how I got an A in art and music classes in school, that's just not where my talents are. I'm pretty jealous of people who can bring a scene to life on canvas or serenade a crowd with only a guitar.

Interviewer: *nodding* And what about your strengths?

Shawn: Honesty. While sometimes I will mask my emotions with humor, I will always be honest with people.

Interviewer: One last question for today, Shawn. Why do you want to work at THIS school?

Shawn: *sits forward in his seat* Well, you see, I went to school here myself. I still know and respect the staff here. These are people who helped me become the man I am today. Aside from the honor it would be to work with these people, I want to pay forward what they gave to me. I want to make a difference in young people's lives. Why NOT here? I couldn't think of a better place to teach than my own alma mater.

*The interviewer nods again and stands to shake Shawn's hand*

Interviewer: Thank you again for coming in today, Shawn. It has been a pleasure to get to know you better. We'll be in touch.

Shawn: *shaking the interviewer's hand* No, thank you! I look forward to hearing back from you. *He smiles brightly before leaving the office*

Teacher Sims Screenshot-242

Teacher Sims Screenshot-243

Teacher Sims Screenshot-244


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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  Mystik1978 on Sun May 22, 2011 10:08 am

~~~~~NOTE~~~~~ I am so very tired, having not slept for 27 hours I am about to fall on my face but I wanted to get this entry at least started while I wait for my father. Much more to come like the details, her bio, and a download link hopefully.

Also Whispy I know you only wanted two pics but I need the three for part of my story if this is a problem let me know and I will remove one of them and just post the link.

Creator's name: Mystik1978
Sim's Name: Angie Albright
Sim's Traits:
Sim's Favorites:
Download Link:

Angie strikes a pose for her profile pic.
Teacher Sims Screenshot_original

Teacher Sims Screenshot_original

Teacher Sims Screenshot_original


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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  JourneyG on Thu May 26, 2011 1:42 am

Honorable Mention

Had to join Sims Relations just to do this. Smile So simple but so creative. Cool Here is my teacher based on my favorite teacher in college and one of my favorite people in my life.

Creator's name: JourneyG
Sim's Name: Manny Stone
Sim's Traits: Family-Oriented, Good Sense Of Humor, Computer Whiz, Virtuoso, Loves The Outdoors
Sim's Favorites: Sushi, Roots, Red
Description: When you first meet Manny you think he belongs on a beach. Well maybe. Truth be told he loves to teach. He loves kids and he loves sharing his knowledge with the world. When he does get free time you will find him jamming on his red guitar.
Download Link:Has been removed by EA for lack of downloads. If someone wants him back up let me know. 

Teacher Sims Headshot_large

Teacher Sims Screenshot-150

Teacher Sims Screenshot-148

Finally got the pics to work. It helps when you reed the FAQ. Laughing

Last edited by JourneyG on Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:17 pm; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : posting pics)

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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  anettesb on Fri May 27, 2011 12:52 pm


Creator's name: Anettesb
Sim's Name: Poul Eriksen
Sim's Traits: Bookworm, eccentric, handy, genie and great sense of humor.

LTW Tinker (max out logic and handiness)
Sim's Favorites: cookies, world music and brown

He is a arches (eh the one with a bow an arrow)
Description: based on my science teacher when I was 15-17. He was also the founder of that school, a small private school. Whenever we was to have him for a class, and didn’t needed the lab, we be getting the class at the teachers meeting room, next to his office, as he was also the head of school.

Almost every time that happened he would bring cake, soda or candy. I still believe that was his excuse to eat it, as he had diabetes.
He always looked older than he was. But acted in some ways as a kid.
But you could count on him, 1 time a fairly new student tried to bully me (I ran away crying) My classmates split-up in 3 groups, 1 yelling at the bully, 1 coming to comfort me and 1 went at got Poul. Half an hour later the bully didn’t go to that school any more. At that point he restored my faith that grownups would help, that others do care – and of course so did my classmates.
He had a way of always getting us to do our best, and then some more. And always make it fun.
When we teamed up for experiments, he partly let us decide the teams (not normal) But the most special thing was that he focused on the teams ability to work together, rater if we were on the same level.
So for the final exam (it was practical) I grouped up with 2 friends, the first a boy who was very good at science (science was my strong subject to) and our commend friend a girl who wasn’t that strong in science, she actually just passed in the last report card before examine. We got good/nice grades all 3. All other teacher was saying it should just be me and the boy, that we do great together, might be but Zahra was great to work with and so perfectionist that me and Andreas would slow down, thereby doing a better job. We actually had a fun examination.
Ok I’m rambling…
Poul, is a great teacher who takes pride in seeing the students grow, he encourage teamwork, and believe that learning/working needs to be fun. He is protective and thinks paperwork is a waste of time when there are kids to take care of.
He does come of a little odd if you don’t know him, and maybe a bit scary, because of the way he walks around.
We got to help teacher the small kids if a lot of teacher was ill, if it was to hot to stay inside we go to the park and play games (doing science class with him) AND he was the one that started the class with a “it’s too hot to think! What do we do?”
I admire him, and still find him silly.

Download Link:


Teacher Sims 33djzi1

Teacher Sims I4g0tv</A>"

Teacher Sims V6roug</A>

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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  Guest on Fri May 27, 2011 7:35 pm

2nd Place Winner

Jarrod's entry...

Creator's name: JarrodA

Sim's Name: Professor Jarrod Appel

Sim's Traits: Good, Genius, Artistic, Family-Oriented, Computer Whiz

Sim's Favorites: Color - blue, Food - spaghetti, Music - Hip-Hop

Description: Since I am a teacher myself (college math) I decided to enter my simself. I've always thought math was a very cool subject and a lot of people tend to make it harder than they need to. Either that or their math teachers in the past didn't know how to explain it in simple enough terms. That's why I became a teacher, because I believe I can find a balance between being easy to understand and still being thorough. And I'm willing to help out as much as possible until you get it right. Smile

Download Link:

Pictures: Teacher Sims Web

Teacher Sims Web
The professor going home after the first day at school.

Teacher Sims Web
But, stopping first to think about that complex math problem he posed to his students.

Just like some students, turning my "homework" (this entry) in at the last minute. Wink


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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

Post  pegasas1993 on Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:56 am

Congratulations to the winners!!! Very Happy


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Teacher Sims Empty Re: Teacher Sims

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